Passiflora alata

  Persephone is Plant Heritage's online horticultural database developed for recording plants in collections.


Persephone is an easy to use, yet powerful and flexible plant records system, designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of plant collections. It is available free for recording National Plant Collections and more than 450 are currently on the system, containing over 70,000 accessions.

Using the Persephone database ensures information held is secure, consistent and regularly backed up. Records are accessible anywhere you can access the internet. Collection Holders who use other horticultural databases are invited to provide key collection data (.csv output) for inclusion on Persephone to build a complete picture of all plants in our conservation schemes.

Persephone is now available to all via a subscription service. For large/open gardens, see our subscription site. Plant Heritage members can record up to 500 plants in their private garden - more details here.

"Persephone is easily accessible, and from almost anywhere. The flexibility is really important for us working with multiple collections out in the field. It has made a major difference to me and my collections and has cut down on time, better spent on cultivating rare plants."

Barry Clarke, Botanist at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Record plants and pictures

As well as standard fields for plant name and accession data, you can customise the rest depending on your needs. Images, files and research can be kept in one place, and synonyms and nomenclature changes tracked.

 Mapping your collection

Record the location of your plants for accurate map of where your plants are and never worry about lost labels again.

You can also map the locations where wild collected material has been sourced.

Reports and catalogues

Whether you want a quick printout to take round the garden, or produce an illustrated catalogue for visitors to your collection, Persephone allows quick and easy reports to be produced and downloaded.

Friendly advice and support

We provide comprehensive support to collection holders through workshops, one to one sessions and printed help materials.

Download the help manual below (1.3MB).

Persephone help manual

Watch this brief video to see an overview of the key features in the Persephone plant records system

Licenced under CC BY 4.0.

This video will show you the basics of adding a plant, an accession and a photograph, and downloading a report of the collection

Licenced under CC BY 4.0.

Contact us to get started - our admin team can upload your existing records for you and provide full training in its use.

eg: plant genus, common name, county, collection holder name.