Resources for National Collection Holders


This section of the website contains useful information for managing your National Plant Collection.

There is also guidance on legislation, plant health, Desiderata plants, peat free growing media and contributing to herbaria within the Conservation and Cultivation advice section.

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National Collection Holder handbook

Click here for the PDF of the Collection Holder's Handbook

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Plant recording for National Collections

The importance of recording information about your plants, whether you use Persephone, other horticultural databases or an excel spreadsheet

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Accessioning and labelling

How to link the plants in the ground with the records on your computer

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Apply for Scientific Status for your National Collection

Anyone can apply for scientific status if they demonstrate best practice in research and dissemination for their collection

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Bursaries and awards

Financial support available to collection holders from Plant Heritage and other organisations

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Researching your collection

Knowing about your plants is a vital part of holding a National Collection. Here are some useful starting points

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Open days and Insurance guidelines

Advice on holding open days and what insurance you have with us for this

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Collection Holder annual report form

Fill in your annual report here or download the word version

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Water use exemptions

Collection holders have certain exemptions from water use restrictions. Details here

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Workshops and events

Find information and resources from past workshops

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Contact National Collection coordinators

Find and contact the coordinator for your area

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Resources for Collections Coordinators

Forms, handbook, responsibilities of the role

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eg: plant genus, common name, county, collection holder name.