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Why conserve cultivated plants?

When it's gone it's gone. Over decades and sometimes centuries, our nation's dedicated gardeners have bred and cared for a rich diversity of garden plants. The genetic heritage contained in these living organisms can only be preserved by active gardeners.

A nation of growers

We are a nation of gardeners so let's live up to our reputation. From public gardens to small back yards there are rare plants that need saving.

The lost garden of Britain

When production of garden plants is commercially streamlined we risk losing the most precious cultivars. Let's save these plants by growing and sharing them.

Cultural and social history

Pests, diseases and changes of fashion mean plants can simply disappear. We may help medicinal cures or disease resistance by saving garden plants.

Why does this matter?

We know and love the plants from our nation's stories, poems and paintings. Let's make sure future generations get to appreciate them as much as we do.

Plant Heritage aims to conserve the diversity of our garden plants

We are the only national charity to ensure the cultivated plants we grow now will be available to future generations for cultural, medical, culinary and aesthetic use. We do this through the National Plant Collection scheme, our Plant Guardians and our local group network, supported by our threatened plants programme and Persephone, our online plant recording system.

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Help us sustain the amazing diversity of our garden plants, through the National Plant Collections, by making a donation today.

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Support our conservation work, with access to rare and unusual plants. Usually £40 a year, but join today with a special offer of 12 months for 9 (£30) - join here. Welcome to Plant Heritage.

Threatened Plant of the Year 2024

Vote for your chosen threatened plant today (1-7 July 2024)

Missing collections campaign 2024

Could you start a National Plant Collection of our pollinator friendly plants

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Conserving the diversity of garden plants

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