Conservation & cultivation advice

Fuchsia 'Mrs Grant'

The aim of the National Plant Collections is to have plants grown and researched to the highest standard

This involves being aware of current issues relating to pest and disease, ensuring that plants are correctly identified and labelled, and in many cases being the authority on the nomenclature (naming) of the plants in the collection.

More details can be found in the Resources for Collection Holders section, but this page contains links to general advice that would be relevant to anyone, whether a collection holder, a plant guardian, a recipient of a plant from our Plant Exchange, or a keen gardener, looking to better understand the plants in their garden.

Plant legislation

National and international legislation covers plant collection, cross border plant movement, invasive species and Plant Breeders' Rights

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Plant health advice

Pests and diseases are one of the biggest threats to plants in the UK. Awareness of problems and good biosecurity measures can help

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Peat in horticulture

Plant Heritage's peat statement and advice and case studies on moving to peat free growing

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Contribute to a herbarium

Plants preserved in herbaria are available to study for generations and anyone can contribute.

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Desiderata plants

Can you help National Collection Holders find plants that they are looking for? See the list here.

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eg: plant genus, common name, county, collection holder name.