Threatened Plant of the Year competition 2023

Chrysanthemum ‘Spartan Linnet’

Plant Heritage Threatened Plant of the Year 2023, showcased at RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival

The winner of the Threatened Plant of the Year’ competition was announced at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival from 4-9 July 2023.

See the 2023 winners and shortlist

Past winners have included a rare camellia, growing in a back garden in Edinburgh, a peony bred by the renowned nursery Kelways, and a dwarf Clematis montana, selected from a plant collected in China over 100 years ago.

The entry criteria: Do you have an unusual, rare or special cultivar that is not currently available commercially? It must be a named cultivar that has been grown or sold in the UK or Ireland prior to 2013. Full details of the competition here 

Who could enter: Anyone (you do not have to be a Plant Heritage member) can enter up to 5 different cultivars.

Closing date: Sun 20th May 2023

How to enter: Entries have now closed for the year

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eg: plant genus, common name, county, collection holder name.