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Agapanthus 'Indigo Dreams'

New - Sponsor the National Plant Collections scheme

We are finding that more people are becoming interested in our work in cultivated plant conservation, in learning about rare and unusual plants, and in the importance of the National Plant Collections®. 
We are keen to highlight the invaluable work undertaken by National Collection Holders, and to engage the next generation of plants people. We also hope to encourage a wider audience to support our work.  With more people supporting and understanding the work (and fun!) involved in holding a National Plant Collection, the more plant conservation work we can achieve.
Our Proposal: To launch a sponsorship program that will provide an opportunity for more people to support Plant Heritage and to raise income for the work we do in plant conservation.  Similar schemes successfully raise money for conservation charities such as the National Forest, Woodland Trust and others. We will aim to do the same with information, great pictures and stories about plants held in the National Plant Collections.
How:  The proposal is to offer the public an opportunity to ‘Sponsor the National Plant Collections’. When someone agrees to sponsor the NPCs, they can elect to learn more about a particular collection that is participating in the scheme. Sponsors will choose a collection to follow, building their knowledge of that collection and the plants over the course of a year.
Sponsors package from each Collection (see examples in links below)

  • introductory ‘leaflet’ including description and photographs
  • personalised certificate with details of the chosen collection
  • plus three brief e-newsletter updates a year.  News items could offer the sponsor the opportunity to learn more about a specific type of plant, new plants, history, growing tips, details of collection, propagation, pests, threats etc
  • copy of our National Plant Collections Directory

How can you get involved? We are aiming to have 10 collections involved annually, offering a range of plant types and geographical spread.
What we would need from you: This is a chance for you, the collection holder to participate, to share your knowledge and passion for your plant group with an interested and focused audience.  An example introductory package, which the sponsor receives initially, is attached. It is anticipated that you would provide three further updates each year; examples of the sort of materials we will hope to provide are also attached.  We will ask you, the Collection Holder, to provide stories, information and pictures of plants in your collection, and we will put the material into a standard format to send to the sponsor.  You can also offer an enhanced sponsors’ package eg to include a specific visit, cutting material or a plant, but this is not essential.
How much will sponsorship cost?
£4 per month to Plant Heritage
What is the money for?
The monies raise will be pooled centrally and used to support all activities related to plant conservation, through the National Plant Collection® and Plant Guardian® schemes. It will also help to underpin the National Collection Holders’ annual bursary and to offer workshops.  We realise this scheme won’t be for all Collection Holders and there is no obligation to take part.
We would be delighted to hear from any Collection Holders who would be interested in taking part. We aim to launch the scheme on 1st Feb 2021.

Please get in touch to express your interest by 16th December 2020.  

Conserving the diversity of garden plants

eg: plant genus, common name, county, collection holder name.