Sponsor the National Plant Collections - follow miniature Orchids

Follow miniature orchids

Beth Otway holds an exquisite National Plant Collection of Aerangis & Angraecum spp. (miniature orchids), held in terrariums and orchidariums. 

Although miniature these orchids have large, waxy, star-shaped flowers that are generally white, cream-colored or yellow. 

Beth is looking forward to keeping you up to date with developments in the collection.

You will receive:

  • a personalised certificate
  • an introductory newsletter about the collection
  • expert growing tips from the collection holder
  • three newsletters a year about this National Collection
  • our National Plant Collections Directory or Plant Heritage Journal

Sponsor the National Plant Collections, follow miniature orchids

Your sponsorship will help us protect the diversity of our rich garden flora. We will be able to

  • work with new collection holders to save plant groups missing from the National Plant Collection scheme
  • provide more support to National Collection Holders through our bursary scheme
  • train more volunteers to help collection holders across the country
  • create a comprehensive resource about the incredible plants in our National Collections 

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