Record your plant

To become a Plant Guardian you need to...

  • Be a member of Plant Heritage join here
  • Own the plant
  • Know the full name of your plant - ideally we need to know the full proper name of the plant in Latin. If you are not sure, have a chat with members of your local group who may be able to advise, or post it to our Facebook group.
  • Have a good idea that it might be rare
  • Record it below

Please note that by joining the scheme, you are agreeing for us to contact you (either by email or telephone) should there be enquiries about your plant.

If you want to submit more than 5 plants, please reload this page and complete the form again.


First plant
Please use the Latin name; one plant at a time
I.e. Fred's Nursery 2018, or the Plant Exchange, Kent 2015
Second plant
Third plant
Fourth plant
Fifth plant

eg: plant genus, common name, county, collection holder name.