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Clematis Koreana 'Purple Rain'

We have a varied programme of events each year including plant sales, lectures, garden visits and our Annual Nerine Festival and the group is active with a number of horticultural projects.



The Guernsey group has several ongoing projects including:

  • The Guernsey Nerine Collection – the island is the home of the Guernsey Lily – Nerine sarniensis.
  • Period Clematis planted in Candie Gardens and some 100 varieties of the most vulnerable cultivars kept in the Plant Heritage Guernsey glasshouse.
  • A small collection of Caparne Irises, based on William John Caparne's "Intermediate Bearded Irises" introduced to Guernsey between 1898 and 1904.
  • We have also recorded the location and varieties of Camellias planted in Candie, Saumarez Park, and in the grounds of Sausmarez Manor – all open to the public.

To find out more about us, read on, or see our local website.

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