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Camellia japonica ‘Chandleri’

Synonyms: Camellia ‘Chandlerii’, Camellia ‘Striata Chandleri’, Camellia ‘Chandleri Striata’, Camellia ‘Chandler's Superb Striped Waratah’, Camellia ‘Pride of the Emperor's Garden’, Camellia ‘Boleni’, Camellia ‘Chandleri Pulcherrima’, Camellia ‘Chandleri Crimson’, Camellia ‘Chandleri Rubra’, Camellia ‘Chandleri Red’, Camellia ‘Chandleri Elegans Rubra’, Camellia ‘Chandler's Red’, Camellia ‘Mr Chandler's Camellia’


A cultivar created in 1819 by Alfred Chandler of Vauxhall and first published 1825 in Edward's Botanical Register. Cited in Chandler & Buckingham's Camellia Britannica of 1825. Its large, regularly formed semi-double/anemone flowers reach up to 8.5cm in diameter. They are a deep, near crimson red colour and marked with dark coloured veins. Occasionally the flowers vary, with the petals marked with white. Flowers possess no scent. Numerous synonyms exist for this cultivar.

Threat Status: Threatened In Cultivation As assessed by the Plant Heritage Threatened Plants Programme. For more details see

Image by T Moore. Licensed under CC BY 4.0

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