National Plant Collections at Meon Orchard

The Smith's Eucalyptus collection was started in 1988. Most trees were planted as small seedlings in 1990 and 1993. A number have now hit the 100 foot level.

The interest in Araliaceae was provoked by visits to Cornwall and some of the amazing collections of architectural plants. Particular exciting were the Scheffleras, Fatsias and Tetrapanax. 

One of the hardiest and more dramatic of this garden worthy genus

Finding conifers with that suble difference was interesting. Ranging from relative giants such as P salignus, to diminuative cultivars of P. nivalis, the majority are hardy and all are evergreen. Visits to (the late) Graham Hutchins' nursery in Essex, provided the opportunity to cultivate the great majority of the varieties and cultivars he either collected or bred.

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