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Camellia japonica ‘Baronne Leguay’

Synonyms: Camellia ‘Baronne Lequay’, Camellia ‘Baron Leguay’, Camellia ‘Baron Leon Leguay’, Camellia ‘Baronne Legay’, Camellia ‘Bayonne le Quay’, Camellia ‘Saron Leguay’, Camellia ‘Baronne Leguay’


Listed in van Houtte catalogue of 1873-74 as introduced by Mons. Cachet of Angers, (France) whose nursery was described as 'Camellia nursery, par excellence, of Europe' in Johnson & Hogg's Oct 1861 The Journal of Horticulture, Country Gardener & Country Gentlemen. His great skill was much admired, evident in the claim that nothing could be seen to equal such exceptional quality of plants. Though unconfirmed, naming suggests being for the wife of Albert-Léon Le Guay.

Threat Status: Threatened In Cultivation As assessed by the Plant Heritage Threatened Plants Programme. For more details see

Image by S Peters, Worth Park. Licensed under CC BY 4.0

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