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Herbarium workshop, Harlow Carr, Oct 2019

This practical one day workshop was run by the herbarium team from RHS Wisley and included how to correctly label, collect, press and mount herbarium specimens. The RHS herbarium aims to have a specimen for every cultivated plant in the UK and National Collection holders are ideally placed to be able to provide correctly identified specimens. Updated advice has been put into the Herbarium section of our website.

Taxonomy workshop, April 2019, London

24 collection holders attended a one day workshop run by Sabina Knees, horticultural taxonomist at RGB Edinburgh.

From the feedback, it seemed one of the most useful aspects of the day was the chance to share experiences of the problems of plant naming with other collection holders. I don't know if reassuring is the right word, but it is good to know that many of the problems of plant nomenclature are shared by many collection holders and that there is no easy answer. We have updated the Researching your collection page of the website with some of the advice from this workshop.

Growing media workshop: looking at advances in sustainable and conservation options, Sept 2018

Around 30 National Collection holders and PH members attended a Growing Media Workshop at RHS Wisley in September.

Jim Marshall and Paul Alexander organised the workshop to focus exclusively on growing media and the issues surrounding the industry today, including the use of and alternatives for peat based growing media. The workshop looked at questions surrounding the industry, legislation planned for 2020, sustainable options, the history of the industry, and research by RHS Science.

With the growing media we use being the foundation of everything to do with growing plants, this rare chance to hold a whole day workshop on growing media - with a strong focus on sustainability in the industry, was welcomed by speakers and attendees alike, provoking informed and deep discussion into all aspects of growing media in the horticultural industry, gardens and growers.

We at Plant Heritage were very grateful to the speakers and their knowledge - all of whom work at the forefront of the industry. For a full report, including details of each of the talks click here.

Conserving the diversity of garden plants

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