Taxonomy workshop, with Barry Clarke

Barry, Botanist at Hilliers, will cover what gardeners need to know about why plants are named as they are, why names change, plant families, plant anatomy and some general botany. It promises to be both enjoyable and informative.  

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This workshop will also include botany for the horticulturalist and nomenclature, how it works and pronunciation:

  • ‘what is taxonomy?’ - how it works, and its importance and significance to the gardener wanting to advance their plant knowledge
  • basic plant ‘keys’ and how to use them, focusing on how to become an expert at identifying plants
  • several common plant families and the features that distinguish them
  • botanical terminology - to help understand plants better.

Funds raised from this workshop will support development of our Persephone plant recording database.  Thank you for your support.

Event Start Date 04 May 2021 6.30pm
Event End Date 04 May 2021 8.00pm
Cost £6 open to all
Event Location

Event Contact Gill Groombridge/Vicki Cooke
Telephone 01483 447540
Contact comms@plantheritage.org.uk

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eg: plant genus, common name, county, collection holder name.